domenica 15 giugno 2014

Hyginus region

Hyginus 2 dome

by Raffaello Lena

By Jim Phillips

Diameter [km]
Heigth [m]
Hyginus 2
36 ± 0.5
35 ± 5
0.11 ± 0.1

Hyginus 2, with its low slope of 0.11° ± 0.1°, large diameter of 36 km ± 0.5 km, large edifice volume of 20 cubic kms, is a typical example of a complex region where intrusive and effusive processes might be involved into the formation of the large dome and the Hyginus rille but not necessarily simultaneously and the different volcanic features in the Hyginus region may even have formed completely independent of each other. The shallow domical structure, which is visible only under strongly oblique illumination conditions, may be considered as a very low dome bisected by the western part of Rima Hyginus. The computed elevation of the dome relative to the average inclined soil corresponds to 35 m ± 5 m. In this scenario the up-bowing of the soil is a plausible consequence of an igneous intrusion occurred in this region. A magmatic origin for Rima Hyginus, is the direct consequence of a shallow dike intrusion.